Tales from the Twists – Ep. 4 (The Hand that Raked the Cabbage Patch)

Tales from the Twist Episode 4 Banner

This week’s episode covers: Season 1, Episode 4: The Cabbage Patch Fib.

When Bronson asks Tony where babies come from, a negligent Tony tells Bronson that babies come from their conveniently planted cabbage patch. This white lie turns out to be true when Bronson discovers a green baby in a cabbage patch. The episode wants you to choke on the message that motherhood is hard, to the point of giving Bronson depression and having him attempt to murder his own baby through neglect….Good old fashioned kid-oriented fun. This episode was based on the picture story book “The Cabbage Patch Fib”.

In this week’s episode
We get really dark as we talk about Bronson Twist’s attempted infanticide, debate the definition of genocide, discuss the logistics of cabbage farming and uncover the disturbing truth that Pete’s awful puns might be hereditary.


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