Nellception – Tales from the Twists ep. 6

Episode 6 Banner

This week’s episode covers: Season 1, Episode 6: The Gum Leaf War.

After an accident, Linda ends up with a broken nose. She dreams of her nose being big, so she escapes to the country with her Aunt Tuneless (who looks like Nell), where she discovers that anyone who plays “The Wild Colonial Boy” on a gumleaf from a certain tree can pass illnesses onto others. She discovers this after Aunt Tuneless uses it against Foxy (who looks like Mr Gribble), a neighbour with whom Aunt Tuneless has been feuding for years. Based on the short story “The Gum Leaf War” from “Unbelievable!”.

In this week’s episode
We expand on Anthony’s crazy theory that Nell is in a inception-style coma, Russia takes to heart the message of this week’s episode “looks shouldn’t matter, but they do” by applying it to their political & invasion strategies, Linda Twist suffers body dysmorphia, and we wonder who the hell Pete & Hugh Townsend are.

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