The Copy | Tales from the Twists Ep. 11

Episode 11 Banner

This week’s episode covers:  Season 1, Episode 11: The Copy

In this week’s episode
We open up our chakras and talk about the ethics of human cloning. We come to the realization that Hugh Townsend is a massive douche; we examine the questionable safety precautions Nell implements on her spooky equipment. We discuss the tragedy of death; write a haiku and Joe nearly falls asleep on the podcast.

Tales from the Twist is a weekly recap and analysis of the classic Aussie Kids television show “Round the Twist”. This week’s episode covers: Season 1, Episode 11: The Copy.

Round the Twist Episode Synopsis
A copying machine is a dangerous object, as the Twists soon discover. But none worse than when Linda makes a copy of herself. Based on the short stories “The Copy” from “Quirky Tails”.


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