Sloppy Jalopy | Tales from the Twists Ep.21

Round the Twist Podcast, Tales from the Twists

This weeks episode covers: Season 2, Episode 6: Sloppy Jalopy

In this week’s episode
In this week’s episode, we take a look at the constant struggle between environmental consideration & economic stimulation, Pete putting on a ring that attracts garbage to him like a Lynx/Axe body spray commercial (except its garbage instead of bikini clad women), the first time someone in paradise has called the police, James Gribble moonlighting as Heisenberg & whether you’d save your cat or Hitler if they were both dangling off a cliff.

Round the Twist Episode Synopsis
An accident in a toxic sludge puddle turns Pete into a human garbage magnet as anything and everything smelly becomes attracted to him. Based on the short story “Sloppy Jalopy” from “Unmentionable!”.

What is Tales from the Twists?
A weekly podcast recapping the classic Aussie Kids television show ‘Round the Twist’. Join us as we re-examine one of the weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.


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