Yuckles | Tales from the Twists Ep.25

Round the Twist  Yuckles

This weeks episode covers: Season 2, Episode 10: Yuckles

In this week’s episode
We take a look at the single greatest reason to support deforestation; an insidious, smelly, exploding weed known as ‘the Yuckle’. We also talk about why Harold Gribble, a candidate for federal senate, would choose a rainforest as his preferred place to build his casino. We also get into what actually constitutes a tree and why online shopping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Round the Twist Episode Synopsis
While Mr. Gribble sets out to destroy a rainforest and erect a casino, Nell sets out to save a species of magical toadstools called Yuckles which live in the rainforest and can duplicate whatever stands next to them before exploding. Based on the short story “Yuggles” from “Unbearable!”.

What is Tales from the Twists?
A weekly podcast recapping the classic Aussie Kids television show ‘Round the Twist’. Join us as we re-examine one of the weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.


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