Mali Boo – Round The Twist Recap | Tales From The Twists Ep. 37

Mali Boo Round The Twist Recap Podcast Title Card
‘Surfs up Pete…Also how are you not dead?’

This weeks episode covers: Round The Twist Season 3 Episode 7: Mali Boo

In this week’s Round The Twist recap episode

This episode we recap the memorable Round the Twist episode ‘Mali Boo’. The episode that saw Pete Twist put off studying for his important school exam, instead deciding to risk it all and surf a tidal wave known as ‘Big Blue’; hoping it will make him pick up his appeal with the ladies and make him cool…and surprisingly for him, his plan actually works.

So we guess the moral of this story is that you should neglect your studies & engage in high risk behaviour to increase your social ranking & perceived attractiveness to the opposite (or same) sex. I can see how advice like this could ever go wrong.

What is Tales from the Twists?
Tales from the Twist is a weekly podcast that recaps classic Aussie television shows from your youth, like “Round The Twist” & “Captain Planet”. Join us each week as we crack open some sweet nostalgia and re-examine some of the weirdest shows to ever appear on Australian Television.


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We discuss the episode where Hoggish Greedly schemes to catch and sell all the fish in the ocean (ALL THE FISH) with a fleet of illegal drift net fishing boats. When Greedly steals their rings, the Planeteers are forced to solve the problem without the help of Captain Planet…at least for a while.

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Last of Her Kind | Tales From The Twists CP Ep. 7

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We examine the episode of Captain Planet that explains to us why corporations are evil and exploiting the third world through the introduction of a new villain, the ‘Wall St Fat Cat’ Looten Plunder. We take a look at Plunder’s skills as a corporate leader asking whether it would of been better to invest in hover cars over ivory. We also talk about this episodes allusions to blood diamonds, childification of animals, The Snatcher and how freaking mad Kwame is (he is not f&king around this episode!).

What is Tales from the Twists?
Tales from the Twist is a weekly recap and analysis podcast that recaps your childhood. If your childhood was anything like ours, it consisted of some of the best shows to ever hit Australian TV channels, like Captain Planet & The Planeteers and Round the Twist. Join us as we crack open that nostalgia like it’s a finely aged wine and re-examine some of the greatest & weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.