The Icecream Man Cometh – Round The Twist S03E11 Recap | TFTT Podcast Ep. 41


This episode recaps: Round The Twist S03E11 – The Icecream Man Cometh

What happens in this episode of Round the Twist?
We explore the wonderful world of Gelati, as Linda, Pete & Bronson Twist rescue a human ice cream machine from slavery; only to find that he is the most annoying thing to ever walk into their lives. Harold Gribble makes a poor business decision by hiring Linda twist to work for his ‘all natural ice creamery’; where Linda discovers that Mr. Gribble is lying through his teeth about his ice cream being ‘natural’.

Listen to this episode, as we recap an episode chock full of lies, kidnapping, ice cream & a dash of sprinkles.

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What is Tales From The Twists?
Tales From The Twists, a Round The Twist & Captain Planet Podcast. We recap your childhood.


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