A World Below Us – Captain Planet S01E12 | Tales From The Twists CP Ep.12


This episode recaps: Captain Planet & the Planeteers S01E12 A World Below Us

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In this weeks episode
Gi is taken to the secret underwater city of Oceanus (which totally isn’t Atlantis, but come on, it totally is). Whilst there she gets the horns for a boy who isn’t a full mermaid; but with Sly Sludge pollution weakening Oceanus’ glass dome; Gi has to choose duty over booty.

How will Gi & the other planeteers stop Sly sludge and save Oceanus?Listen to this weeks episode & find out.

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What is Tales From The Twists?

Tales From The Twists, a Captain Planet & Round The Twist Podcast. We recap your childhood.


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