Racing a Crab up a Giant Penis – Round The Twist S3 Recap | TFTT Podcast Ep. 44

Racing a crab up a giant penisThis episode recaps: Round The Twist Season 3 – Complete season recap

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Finally, we have come to the end of Season 3 of Round the Twist, and like every season recap, we go through the weird, wild and wacky adventures that Season 3 brought us. From tree babies and flying willies, to viking books of love & disembodied brains; Season 3 had a lot of weird crap that needed to be talked about!

As always, we come up with our very own Round the Twist Season 3 episode & Anthony finally reveals his unified theory of Twist (Joe’s still tinkering in the lab on his).

Find out everything Season 3 of Round the Twist had to offer by listening to our recap episode.
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