Sliders S01E01 The Pilot Part 1 | TFTT Podcast Sliders Ep. 1


This episode recaps: Sliders S01E01 The Pilot Part 1

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Have you ever wondered what life holds for you in a parallel world? Sliders, a classic tv show from the 90s tackles this question, giving the world an exciting question/scenario each week. Seeing them slide into a thousands different worlds, where its the aame year and they are the same person; but everything else is different.

In this recap episode we look at the pilot episode of Sliders; which sees physic student Quinn Malory, his friend Wade, Professor Arturo & Rembrandt Brown (aka The Crying Man) caught in a wormhole. This wormhole leads them to an earth turned into a frozen hellscape; and worst of all ruining Rembrandt’s Cadillac.

– Arturos Quip of the Episode –
‘I just saw god and he drives a Cadillac

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