Captain Planet & the Planeteers S01E18 ‘Kwame Crisis’ | TFTT CP Podcast Ep.18


This episode recaps: Captain Planet & the Planeteers S01E18 ‘Kwame Crisis’

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In this weeks episode
In this episode of Captain Planet & the Planeteers ‘Kwame Crisis’, Kwame the Planeteer has an existential crisis…i know we say that, but this time its real. Kwame just can’t deal with people dumping their trash and not recycling, so he turns in his ring to Gaia and leaves earth defenseless to Sly Sludges plan to turn it into a toxic waste dump…or does he?

Will Kwame leave his team hanging or will he rejoin the Planeteers & with the help of Captain Planet, stop Sly Sludge’s evil plans. Listen to this week’s episode and find out.

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