Barely Finnished – A Drunken Troll (Two Aussies watch Finnish Childrens TV) | TFTT Sup


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Due to a technical mix up with this weeks Round The Twist podcast episode; we had to supplement this weeks episode with one of our experimental projects.

In this short *special* supplemental episode, we take a look at a Finnish Children Television show (courtesy of our Finnish listener Samu).

Instead of flying penises and boys giving birth to trees like most Aussie Kids TV, this Finnish Kids TV show stars a troll / gnome who discovers a bottle of Jack Daniels (no really). Thinking its a magic potion, he drinks the whole bottle and the rest  pretty much writes itself.

Try and follow along the video with us
This special recording was done whilst watching the episode; to follow along with us; sync up the audio to the tv show.
TV Show: 
TFTT ep:


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