Linda Godiva aka Linda’s BDSM Fantasy – Round the Twist S04E03 | TFTT Podcast Ep.48

Linda Godiva
Naked 16 year old girl on a horse…oh boy, I bet that will bring someone from Google

This episode recaps: Round the Twist S04E03 Linda Godiva

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In this weeks episode
We recap an episode of Round The Twist that we are surprised passed the ABC censors; but this was back when a naked 16 year old girl riding a horse was totally A-OK.

In this episode, it’s a race between Pete ‘never rode a horse before’ Twist and James ‘always cheats’ Gribble. To even the odds, Pete enlists the help of a NAKED LINDA (his sister by the way, as if a naked 14 year old girl wasn’t weird enough already) to ‘shadow ride’ the horse; whilst Pete rides in the bitch seat (yeah, let that image sink in).

How did the ABC green light this? Why is Linda naked…and WHY IS LINDA NAKED? Listen to our recap of this Round The Twist episode to find out.

Message for Long Time Listeners / Twisties
This is finally the episode a certain someone has been waiting for since we started this podcast; the gauntlet was thrown and he did deliver a pretty great recap; be sure to listen this week, if just for that.

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