Round the Twist S04E09 Bird Boy | TFTT Podcast Ep.54

This episode recaps: Round the Twist S04E09 Bird Boy

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In this weeks episode

Bronson Twist does what we have all been waiting for; falling off a cliff. To our disappointment, he doesn’t die; landing safely in the nest of a giant bird. The giant bird chases Bronson Twist back up the cliff and ends up damaging its wing in the process. Bronson cares for this Bird or more correctly Bird Boy (half bird / half boy), learning that this Bird Boy has one of the most beautiful songs ever produced. Seeing commercial opportunity, Pete & Bronson decide to record and sell the birds music. But the source of beautiful music is not what it seems….

Is it wrong to make money off a captured giant bird or is this just capitalism in action? And what secret lies behind this bird boys song?

Find out how this episode of Round The Twist played out on this weeks Tales From The Twist podcast.

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