Stranger Things Podcast (No Spoilers) | Have You Ever Seen Ep.1

Stranger Things Podcast.png

This episode recaps: The Netflix original TV show Stranger Things’

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In this weeks episode

Anthony & Joe take a look at the hit TV show ‘Stranger Things’. Approaching the show in a different way then normal: one of us saw only a few episodes and the other watched the entire season. This time, its Joe who’s the Pro and Anthony who’s the Noob.

We spend an hour discussing the themes of Stranger Things, its appeal, the meta narrative and its relationship to viewers & culture in the real world.

A key question we look at it is: ‘why now, does Stranger Things work, when other similar shows like Freak and Geeks (released more than 10 years prior) failed to take off?’

** This episode does not contain spoilers for Stranger Things.**

Tell us your thoughts on the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’
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What is Tales From The Twists?
Tales From The Twists, is podcast that recaps episodes of Round The Twist Podcast, Captain Planet, Sliders, Thunderstone & more. We recap your childhood; podcasting shows Gen Y Australians grew up watching.


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