Winston’s Shtupping Your Mum – Ocean Girl S01E01 Podcast


This episode recaps: Ocean Girl S01E01 

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In this weeks episode
Anthony is dragged kicking and screaming by Joe and made to watch the Pilot of Ocean Girl (A Clockwork Orange style). After watching the first episode of Ocean Girl, Anthony now realises why so many people enjoyed Ocean Girl as a kid and agreed to do a recap of the pilot.

In this podcast, Joe and Anthony recap the first episode of the ABC cult kids TV show Ocean Girl. Exploring the shows new characters, reuniting with Season 2 Bronson Twist and discussing the stock animal footage padding out this episode.

Join us as we recap another classic from your childhood.

Tell us your thoughts on the kids classic TV show Ocean Girl
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What is Tales From The Twists?
Tales From The Twists, is podcast that recaps episodes of Round The Twist Podcast, Captain Planet, Sliders, Thunderstone, Ocean Girl & more. We recap your childhood; podcasting shows Gen Y Australians grew up watching.


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