Round the Twist S04E12 Skunkman | TFTT Podcast Ep.57



This episode recaps: Round the Twist S04E12 Skunkman
Released: Wednesday 12th October 2016 (UTC+10)

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In this weeks episode

In this weeks podcast, we recap the episode of the Round the Twist that see’s Bronson Twist take on the persona of the stench powered crime fighter, known only as Skunkman. Skunkman does not tolerate evil deeds, giving the Gribble gang there kumuppins and striking fear into the hearts Port Niranda’s criminals.

But Skunkman may have met his match this episode, when a pair of bank robbers point loaded 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotguns at Skunkman. Skunkman / Bronson sure is in a bit of a pickle this episode.

Meanwhile, Harold Gribble continues to act as Port Niranda’s Wile E Coyote; enacting a new scheme to drive the Twist family out of their lighthouse. With the help of his son and his angry thrash metal band, Gribble aims to rock the Twists into submission.

Does it work? Do the Twist’s succumb to Gribbles latest ploy? Should the Twist’s just sell their lighthouse (it’s not much of a family home)? And…does Bronson get shot? Find the answer to these questions and more by listening to this weeks episode of Tales From the Twist.

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What is Tales From The Twists?
Tales From The Twists, is podcast that recaps episodes of Round The Twist Podcast, Captain Planet, Sliders, Thunderstone, Ocean Girl, Parallax & more. We recap your childhood; podcasting shows Gen Y Australians grew up watching.


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