Animals of Farthing Wood Podcast | Have You Ever Seen Ep.4

The Animals of Farthing Wood Podcast

This podcast recaps the following episode: The Animals of Farthing Wood Season 1 Episode 1

Release date: Wednesday 9th November 2016 (UTC+10)

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In this weeks episode – The Animals of Farthing Wood

We take a look at a classic UK childrens TV show, the beautifully drawn ‘The Animals of Farthing Wood’. Like a lot of early 90s shows, The Animals of Farthing Wood is based around the premise that human beings are destroying the environment. Unlike other shows, it doesn’t beat you over the head with its environmental message, it actually shows respect for its viewers.

The Animals of Farthing Woods consists of Mr. Rabbit, Badger, Owl, Weasel, Toad, Adder and a whole gang of furry creatures embarking on a quest to find a new home; after Farthing Woods becomes inhabitable. The journey is full of danger and peril, but the animals of Farthing Wood trust in their leader (and fan favourite) Fox to guide them on their quest for a new home.

Listen to this podcast episode and hear our discussion about this mature cartoon: The Animals of Farthing Wood. We explore this shows themes & concepts; attempting to capture & relive its nostalgic appeal. If you have never seen The Animals of Farthing Wood, it is worth watching; however the first episode is quite slow. We recommend you power through the first few episodes and by episode 4 you will start to become a fan.

Join us as we recap The Animals of Farthing Wood, another classic from your childhood.

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