Round the Twist Season 4 Recap – If You’re Chappy & You Know It | TFTT Podcast Ep. 59

Round the twist season 4 podcast - recapping the entire season

This episode recaps: Round the Twist Season 4

Released: Wednesday 26th October 2016 (UTC+10)

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In this weeks episode

In this weeks podcast, we come to the end of season 4 of Round The Twist; and we recap the season in its entirety. We take a look at some of the themes and ideas put out this seasons and explore deeper the story arcs.

We also contribute our own episode of Round The Twist Season 4, based on this seasons stories and themes. Can we do better than the writers of season 4?

Listen to this podcast episode and hear us recap the last season of Round the Twist…for now at least.

Give us your thoughts on Round The Twist Season 4 
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What is Tales From The Twists?
Tales From The Twists, is podcast that recaps episodes of Round The Twist Podcast, Captain Planet, Sliders, Thunderstone, Ocean Girl, Parallax & more. We recap your childhood; podcasting shows Gen Y Australians grew up watching.


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