Round the Twist Series Finale – Fan Episode | TFTT Podcast Ep. 60

Round the Twist Podcast

Released: Wednesday 30th November 2016 (UTC+10)

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Thanks to our Fans 
And so our fans, it has come to the end of an era. This is the last episode of Tales From The Twists forever. Joe and I have been so pleased with the community response to our podcast. Two years ago we started Tales From The Twists and since then it has been one hell of a fun ride.

We aren’t going away though, in January 2017 we will be launching a new podcast and a new podcast network in the new year. We hope that if you enjoyed listening to us over the last two years, that you will follow our new podcast. If you want to be kept informed about when the new podcast is out; please consider sending us your name & email; and we’ll email you when we release our new show. Send your details to .
In this weeks episode
We have some of the biggest Twisties ever on our show to record and recap with us the entire series of Round the Twist. You’ll hear from Phil Bates, Hayden Redding, and the man who started it all with his Pontification’s, Regan Pontillo. Listen as we recap the entire series of Round The Twist with fellow Twisties and share some good hard laughs.

Again to our fans, thank you for listening…

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What is Tales From The Twists?
Tales From The Twists, is podcast that recaps episodes of Round The Twist Podcast, Captain Planet, Sliders, Thunderstone, Ocean Girl, Parallax & more. We recap your childhood; podcasting shows Gen Y Australians grew up watching.


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