About – You Won’t Believe Me Anyway

Tales from the Twists is a weekly podcast about every Australian’s favorite 90’s television show ‘Round The Twist’. We all remember how wacky Round the Twist was and there is no doubt it had a tremendous influence on our lives growing up in Australia. For those uninitiated, Round the Twist was a children’s live action television show, created by Paul Jennings and aired on the ABC. The show consisted of single-father family adopting a sea change and beginning their life anew. The show is far from normal though, as every episode involves them dealing with weird, wacky and completely bat shit crazy adventures. Tales from the Twist aims to recap every episode of Round the Twist and discover the deeper alternate meanings apparent within the show.


Got a question or comment, why not ask Nell?

If your reading this, then the image failed to load...so yeah imagine a picture of Nell, with her no nonsense face.
Spit it out love, I aint go all day!

 Nell the lovable guardian angel of our heroes ‘The Twists’ always has the answers in the show and seems to know a suspiciously large amount about ghosts and the afterlife for a lighthouse keeper. So she is more then qualified to answer any questions you have. So why not send her a message and maybe we’ll read it out on the show…that’s a big maybe.


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