I Love Free S%^T Competition


JB HIFI Gift Card giveaway

Win a $25 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card!

We are starting a little competition in February; with 2 x $25 JB HiFi gift cards as prizes for two lucky entries. We’re calling it the ‘i love free s%^t competition’.

All you have to do to enter is:

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Limit 1 entry per competition post. Open only to Australians; sorry 😦 .

Entries drawn & Prizes awarded
Entries will be drawn at the end of the month and announced on Chicken Twisties & on Tales From The Twists Facebook page (so check back at the end of the month because we can’t tag entrants in posts; unless they’re members of Chicken Twisties).

So if you haven’t joined Chicken Twisties yet, here’s a good reason to.

Winners will need to give us their shipping address & email; and whether you would like to receive a digital coupon or have it sent in the mail.

Good luck & stay Twistie!


Tree of Life | Tales From The Twist CP Ep.9

Tree of Life Captain Planet Recap Podcast
Dr. Blight chopping down the forest, along comes Captain Planet to bop her on the head

In this week’s podcast episode
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We recap one of the best episodes of captain planet this season. The evil Dr. Blight cuts down an ancient tree, known only as the ‘Tree of Life’. Harvesting its power, Dr. Blight uses it to develop super powers and engage in a one on one fight with Captain Planet. The stakes were definitely raised in this episode of Captain Planet. Does captain planet or Dr. Blight win? Listen to this podcast episode to find out.

Find out more about Tales From The Twists, A Captain Planet & Round The Twist Podcast

The Nirandathal Beast | Tales From The Twists Ep. 36


This weeks episode covers: Round The Twist Season 3 Episode 6: The Nirandathal Beast

  1. In this week’s episode

In this weeks, episode Pete and Mr. Gribble swap bodies in Round the Twists very own take on Freaky Friday. Join us we discuss whether rats can undo belts, marital infidelity and the awesome rage that is Mr. Snapper.

What is Tales from the Twists?
Tales from the Twist is a weekly recap and analysis of the classic Aussie Kids television show “Round the Twist”. Join us as we re-examine one of the weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.

The Conqueror | Tales From The Twists CP Ep. 6

The Conqueror Zarm Captain Planet

In this week’s episode

In this weeks episode, we review an episode containing one of our favorite new villains; the evil Zarm AKA Nietzsche’s Ubermench. Zarm plans to corrupt the Planeteers through conquest and individualism; only Gaia and a brave Ma-Ti stand between Zarm and nuclear annihilation. MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!

Captain planet Season 1 Episode 6 Synopsis

The neitchzian Ubermench Zarm, a war-like god, tempts the planeteers into rejecting their peaceful ways in favor of personal success & individualistic conquest. Naturally this leads to big dick measuring contest that nearly threatens the entire world; only Gaia & Ma-Ti can save the day by reminding the Planeteers of their true nature.

What is Tales from the Twists?
Tales from the Twist is a weekly recap and analysis of classic Kids television show (shown primarily in Australia like Captain Planet & The Planeteers and Round the Twist. Join us as we re-examine some of the greatest & weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.

Tales From The Twists ‘Go Round the Twist’ Competition.

Win a piece of aussie history 2
Want to win a classic piece of Australiana without
doing any work?


  1. Go to our Facebook Page
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    Leave a comment, telling us which episode of Round the Twist was your favorite. If you can’t remember the episode in full, just tell us a memorable moment from the show (there are 1,000s to choose from).

    All entries must contain #goroundthetwist, to help us separate the entries from the other comments.
    Enter as many times as you like. Share the post and get your friends & family to help you win the competition.

The top 7 comments as voted by number of ‘LIKES’ will be printed off, thrown into a big hat, and the winner picked randomly by Joe and Anthony on the show. The winner will be notified on our Facebook page and via private Facebook message.

The complete DVD collection of the classic Aussie kids show ‘Round the Twist’.

COMPETITION ENDS: Thursday January 15th 2015