Round the Twist S04E02 – Monster Under The Bed | TFTT Podcast Ep.47


This episode recaps: Round the Twist S04E02 – Monster Under The Bed

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In this weeks episode
We recap the episode of Round The Twist that sees Bronson Twist being called to account for his dodging of household chores, in particular cleaning (his most hated activity). However Bronson has more to handle than just dirt, when the Lighthouse brings to live a monster from under the bed, in the form of the worlds largest dust bunny…and it’s hungry for blood.

Does Bronson Twist survive? What happens to the Lighthouse? Will the dust bunny undo all of Bronsons “””””””hard work”””””””?

Find out by listening to this weeks episode, recapping Round the Twist Season 4, Episode 2 – Monster Under The Bed.

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Tree of Life | Tales From The Twist CP Ep.9

Tree of Life Captain Planet Recap Podcast
Dr. Blight chopping down the forest, along comes Captain Planet to bop her on the head

In this week’s podcast episode
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We recap one of the best episodes of captain planet this season. The evil Dr. Blight cuts down an ancient tree, known only as the ‘Tree of Life’. Harvesting its power, Dr. Blight uses it to develop super powers and engage in a one on one fight with Captain Planet. The stakes were definitely raised in this episode of Captain Planet. Does captain planet or Dr. Blight win? Listen to this podcast episode to find out.

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The Dead Seas | Tales From The Twists CP Ep. 8

Hoggish Greedlys Dead Sea - Captain Planet Recap

In this week’s episode

We discuss the episode where Hoggish Greedly schemes to catch and sell all the fish in the ocean (ALL THE FISH) with a fleet of illegal drift net fishing boats. When Greedly steals their rings, the Planeteers are forced to solve the problem without the help of Captain Planet…at least for a while.

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The Nirandathal Beast | Tales From The Twists Ep. 36


This weeks episode covers: Round The Twist Season 3 Episode 6: The Nirandathal Beast

  1. In this week’s episode

In this weeks, episode Pete and Mr. Gribble swap bodies in Round the Twists very own take on Freaky Friday. Join us we discuss whether rats can undo belts, marital infidelity and the awesome rage that is Mr. Snapper.

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Tales from the Twist is a weekly recap and analysis of the classic Aussie Kids television show “Round the Twist”. Join us as we re-examine one of the weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.

Fixing The Election | Tales from the Twists Ep.29

Round the twist season 2 Recap

This weeks episode covers: All of Season 2 + Never before seen Round The Twist episode

In this week’s episode

Congratulations to the end of Season 2! This episode, we recap the entirety of Season 2 of Round The Twist. We tie up any of the loose ends that Season 2 failed to wrap up, we discuss the possible CSIRO spy in Port Nirranda & how Nell should of fixed the election with our very own ‘Round The Twist’ Episode.

What is Tales from the Twists?
A weekly podcast recapping the classic Aussie Kids television show ‘Round the Twist’. Join us as we re-examine one of the weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.