Tree of Life | Tales From The Twist CP Ep.9

Tree of Life Captain Planet Recap Podcast
Dr. Blight chopping down the forest, along comes Captain Planet to bop her on the head

In this week’s podcast episode
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We recap one of the best episodes of captain planet this season. The evil Dr. Blight cuts down an ancient tree, known only as the ‘Tree of Life’. Harvesting its power, Dr. Blight uses it to develop super powers and engage in a one on one fight with Captain Planet. The stakes were definitely raised in this episode of Captain Planet. Does captain planet or Dr. Blight win? Listen to this podcast episode to find out.

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Truth Hits Everybody | Tales From The Twists Ep. 35

truth hits everybody round the twist | Tales From The Twist Ep.35

This weeks episode covers: Round The Twist Season 3 Episode 5: Truth Hits Everybody

In this week’s episode

In this week’s episode we examine the amazing journalism of the Twists kids (minus Bronson, for obvious reasons) and their magic microphone that makes people tell the truth when interviewed. We also talk about the The Police, the police and the police (driving past the house), Tales From The Twist Bingo and we recall the terrible business teacher Joe & I shared (nicknamed ‘the Dragon’).

The Viking Book of Love | Tales From The Twists Ep. 32

The Viking Book of Love Recap

This weeks episode covers: Round The Twist Season 3 Episode 2: The Viking Book of Love

In this week’s episode

This week we take a look at the episode that sees Linda Twist meet her true love, the viking known only as Snor’e’Son. In this episode we talk about the physics of TV time travel, the historical accuracy of horned vikings, & who is a better journalist Peter or Karl Stefanovic.

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Tales from the Twist is a weekly recap and analysis of the classic Aussie Kids television show “Round the Twist”. Join us as we re-examine one of the weirdest shows to ever grace Australian TVs.