Spellbinder Podcast | Have You Ever Seen Ep.5

have-you-ever-seen-spellbindersThis podcast looks at the following tv show: Spellbinder

Release date: Wednesday 16th November 2016 (UTC+10)

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In this weeks episode – Spellbinder

Australian kids will have fond memories of this show, Spellbinder; an Aussie TV production that blended medieval with elements of sci-fi; to create a unique and entertaining TV show. Spellbinder is a fish out of water story, involving our hero Paul, being transported from the modern world to the medieval world. He discovers that this world is ruled by the Spellbinders, a warrior class who manipulates electricity and outlaws technological advancements, to keep the populace in line.

Listen to this podcast episode and hear our discussion about the medieval sci-fi classic Spellbinder.

Join us as we recap Spellbinder, another classic from your childhood.

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