Round the Twist S04E13 Isle of Dreams | TFTT Podcast Ep.58


This episode recaps: Round the Twist S04E13 Isle of Dreams

Released: Wednesday 26th October 2016 (UTC+10)

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In this weeks episode

In this weeks podcast, we recap the final episode of Round the Twist Season 4. This is the episode where we finally find out the true identity of our season long mysterious Knight.

The knight offers Pete, Linda and Bronson Twist a once in a lifetime opportunity; a one way trip to the Isle of Dreams.

The reason? The knight wants to marry Pete Twist, having selected him, as a soul mate. Linda Twist wants to go to learn the meaning of life and Bronson Twist the greedy so&so, he just wants to eat their food.

The offer is tempting…but can the Twist kids leave their family, the lighthouse and Port Niranda behind; forever?

Listen to this weeks Tales From The Twist podcast and find out how the last episode, of the last season of Round The Twist ends. Does it leave you satisfied, tying up all the lose ends in Round The Twist or are you left with even more unanswered questions?

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The Big Rock – Round The Twist S03E13 | TFTT Ep. 43

Round the twist - The Big Rock

This episode recaps: Round The Twist S03E13 – The Big Rock

What strange things happens in this episode of Round the Twist?
In this Round the Twist episode, Season 3 comes to a thrilling climax as the viking Helga comes to Port Niranda to get back Debóók from the spineless Ralph Snapper. A fight over Faye turns love spells into curses; seeing all of the adults in Round The Twist disappear and the kids are left to run riot through the town.

So how does this episode compare to the Round the Twist Season 1 & Season 2 finale? Listen to our recap to find out.

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Mali Boo – Round The Twist Recap | Tales From The Twists Ep. 37

Mali Boo Round The Twist Recap Podcast Title Card
‘Surfs up Pete…Also how are you not dead?’

This weeks episode covers: Round The Twist Season 3 Episode 7: Mali Boo

In this week’s Round The Twist recap episode

This episode we recap the memorable Round the Twist episode ‘Mali Boo’. The episode that saw Pete Twist put off studying for his important school exam, instead deciding to risk it all and surf a tidal wave known as ‘Big Blue’; hoping it will make him pick up his appeal with the ladies and make him cool…and surprisingly for him, his plan actually works.

So we guess the moral of this story is that you should neglect your studies & engage in high risk behaviour to increase your social ranking & perceived attractiveness to the opposite (or same) sex. I can see how advice like this could ever go wrong.

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