Spellbinder Podcast | Have You Ever Seen Ep.5

have-you-ever-seen-spellbindersThis podcast looks at the following tv show: Spellbinder

Release date: Wednesday 16th November 2016 (UTC+10)

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In this weeks episode – Spellbinder

Australian kids will have fond memories of this show, Spellbinder; an Aussie TV production that blended medieval with elements of sci-fi; to create a unique and entertaining TV show. Spellbinder is a fish out of water story, involving our hero Paul, being transported from the modern world to the medieval world. He discovers that this world is ruled by the Spellbinders, a warrior class who manipulates electricity and outlaws technological advancements, to keep the populace in line.

Listen to this podcast episode and hear our discussion about the medieval sci-fi classic Spellbinder.

Join us as we recap Spellbinder, another classic from your childhood.

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Sliders S01E01 The Pilot – Part 2 | TFTT Sliders Podcast Ep.2



sliders podcast USSR.png

This episode recaps: Sliders S01E01 The Pilot – Part 2

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Has glorious state funded education made you glad you don’t live a parallel world, where you would be ripped from the loving bosum of the people’s regime?  Sliders, imperialist propaganda, asks these dangerous and counter-revolutionary questions. These sliders seek to undermine our regime comrade, so never think of asking such hateful & misanthropic questions; or their will be consequences!

In this recap episode, hosted by two capitalist swines, bloated by their own greed and abject decadence (whilst their prolateriat comrades slave away in the industrialist’s wine press); these freedom haters look at part 2 of Sliders Pilot episode.

In part 2, the Sliders learn what paradise is by arriving in a world where the people have said no more to unfettered capitalism and forced the rich out of their palaces of vice and exploitation; recasting the USA into a communist Utopia.

But these pig dog Sliders reveal their hatred of mankind; attacking the peoples army and releasing a dangerous & violent child killer. Find out how our forgiving general is pushed to his limits and forced to fight back these domestic tetorrists and degenerate puppy eaters.

– Arturos Quip of the Episode –
‘My stomach has no political allegiance…Only a complete devotion to the CCPA’

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