Captain Planet and the Planeteers S01E19 ‘The Ozone Hole’ | TFTT CP Ep.19

This episode recaps: Captain Planet & the Planeteers S01E19 ‘Ozone Hole’

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In this weeks episode
In this episode of Captain Planet & the Planeteers s01e19 ‘Ozone Hole’, Duke Nukem builds two Air Conditioner factories in the middle of Antartica to create a hole in the ozone layer, so he can soak up all of that wonderful radiation. The planeteers spring into action with the help of an army of penguins, to fight Duke Nukem and his evil plan.

Do the Planeteers succeed? Is the earth saved and more importantly what did Wheeler do ‘back in Brooklyn’ this time? Listen to our recap of this captain planet episode to find out.

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