Round the Twist S04E04 – Dog By Night | Tales From The Twists Podcast Ep.49


This episode recaps: Round the Twist S04E04 Dog By Night

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In this weeks episode
In this weeks episode, we explore a Round the Twist episode that sees Pete Twist get bitten by Count Dracumite, a vampiric flea that transforms its victims into a were-dog…look they giant smooched together to monster stories in episode; just go with it. Pete Twist, as a dog, discovers he likes this side of himself and that he may be able to find true love as a dog. Coming out to his father (Tony Twist), he is rejected by his father for being different, before finally, at the end of the episode accepts his son (no matter who he loves). If this sounds like an analogy for growing up as a gay teenager, then kudos for you for picking up on what Anthony has been insisting since S03E10…that Pete Twist is actually gay.

Find out more about this theory and how the rest of the weird and hilarious episode of Round The Twist played out on this weeks Tales From The Twist podcast.

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