Captain Planet and the Planeteers S01E21 ‘Population Bomb’ | TFTT CP Ep.21

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Wheeler meets an island full of tiny Rat People….WTF???

This episode recaps: Captain Planet & the Planeteers S01E21 ‘Population Bomb’

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In this weeks episode
In this episode of Captain Planet & the Planeteers s01e21 ‘Population Bomb’, the Planeteers tackle the heated issue of Overpopulation. Basically there are too many people on the planet, so we need to kill a whole bunch of them to reverse its detrimental effects (or something like that).Wheeler, the greedy american capitalist, doesn’t want accept this fact and decides to cool his hot head with a bit of wind surfing. But disaster strikes and a rogue wave wipes him out, washing him up on an island full of tiny mice people.

This tiny overpopulated mice island is ruled by a fascist dictator, who has turned the island paradise into a dystopian hellscape. Now the evil mouse leader has his eyes & his army set on the paradise of ‘Hope Island’ (AKA Gaia’s Home).

How do Captain Planet and the Planeteers stop the evil mouse dictator & his army of mouse nazis from taking over the Planeteer’s home? Listen to our recap of this captain planet episode to find out.

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